lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

Domínguez: From weekend warrior to professional racer

The story of Sergio Domínguez is one of the more unlikely ones in the world of cycling. Encouraged by a weekend cycling friend, the 22 year-old rider took part in a local under 23 race. " I caught the attention of the now defunct Sotec team." That happened three years ago. Now, Sergio Domínguez is racing for the Continental Professional team Contentpolis-Murcia.

Dominguez has gained the confidence of his directeur sportif, Ginés García. "He is very courageous and I am very surprised to see his great performance in the races, despite his very short career as a professional cyclist. That is why he must still refine his racing ways, but he learns very quickly and well," García told Cyclingnews.

Dominguez is one of the Contentpolis-Murcia's riders who is doing the most races, and among his more veteran team-mates he ranks as having a great future ahead.

Dominguez summed up that "The season has been very good; for Contentpolis-Murcia, as well as for me. I am very happy because I am helping my team-mates as much as I can. I am having good sensations, and I think I'm adjusting to the professional category better than expected, although I am confident that the best of me is yet to come. I hope to have some success in the future."

In his second year as U-23 rider, Dominguez reached the silver medal in the national time trial race.

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